Carlsberg: Marketing Designs

Shown below are designs I created in Photoshop for events sponsored by Carlsberg.

The Throwback Thursday posters (below) were designed for an event sponsored by Carlsberg in Boston, MA. I was given less than 24 hours to create an innovative poster that was geared towards the targeted audience and adhered to Carlsberg’s brand guidelines. The information I was provided with for this project included:

  • Every Thursday
  • 9pm-1am
  • Location: Broadside Tavern
  • Sponsored by Carlsberg
  • Bright colors, symbolisms of music/DJ
  • Logo of the bar
  • Make it easy to read but not too simple


The poster below successfully marketed Carlsberg’s “Kanye themed brunch” event in Boston, Massachusetts. The one specification for this design was simplicity. Carlsberg asked me to incorporate an image of the company’s beer, 1664 Blanc, with an image of Kanye.


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